Below are the classes I have taught so far.

ME 18 ab. Thermodynamics. 9 units (3-0-6); second, third terms. Prerequisites: Ph 1 and Ph 2 (may be taken concurrently). An introduction to classical thermodynamics with engineering applications. First term includes the first and second laws; closed and open systems; properties of a pure substance; availability and irreversibility; generalized thermodynamic relations. Second term emphasizes applications: gas and vapor power cycles; propulsion; mixtures; combustion and thermochemistry; chemical equilibrium.

ME 119 ab. Heat and Mass Transfer. 9 units (3-0-6); second, third terms. Prerequisites: ME 18ab, ME 19ab, ACM 95/100 (may be taken concurrently). Transport properties, conservation equations, conduction heat transfer, convective heat and mass transport in laminar and turbulent flows, phase change processes, thermal radiation.

ME 120 ab. Combustion Fundamentals. 9 units (3-0-6); second, third terms. Prerequisites: ME 119 or equivalent. The course will cover thermodynamics of pure substances and mixtures, equations of state, chemical equilibrium, chemical kinetics, combustion chemistry, transport phenomena, and the governing equations for multicomponent gas mixtures. Topics will be chosen from homogeneous ignition, non-premixed and premixed flames, pollutant formation, numerical simulations of reacting flows.

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